General Information
Homeworld Bemera
Habitat Semi-Tropical Swamps and Jungles
Diet Herbivorous(Presumed)
Language Beemerian/Gamilas (broken-form)
Behind the Scenes
Universe Space Battleship Yamato Universe


The Beemerians are a green humanoid-insect species that are native to Bemera. Their society is tribal and controlled by a monarch who maintains her position in part to Gamilas involvement with the Bemera.


At some point (possibly before or during the Gamilas-Earth War), Gamilas noticed Bemera and struck up a tentative alliance with the Beemerian Queen. The Beemerian Queen promised Gamilas to deliver royal honey to Gamilas once every 500 days, and in turn Gamilas would ensure that the Queen remained in power over her planet. The royal honey was created by the bodily fluids of Beemerian Rebels that are captured and liquidized (killing them in the process).

Space Battleship Yamato: Quest for IscandarEdit

Heading for the nearby Planet Balan, the halfway point in the journey of 148,000 Lightyears for the Earths' first warp-capable ship Yamato, The ship noticed Bemera and decided to use its dense vegetation to re-supply their food stores and sent down their Chief Environmental Commander Yuki Mori along with Analyzer to evaluate any plants that would be safe for human consumption. Accidentally crash-landing on Bemera, the two left through the swamps to find a location to better transmit an SOS from, their abandoned ship eventually being discovered by the Beemerian Rebels later on. Yuki and Analyzer manage to stumble upon a Beemerian fortress, unaware of their being any sentient life the two entered and were captured by Beemerians and taken through the Royal Honey Chambers where they witnessed several Beemerian Rebels pleaded for their forgiveness as they were soon liquidized and their remains poured into several large urns, Yuki and Analyzer were taken to a nearby dungeon and left to contemplate their fate.

As this happened, the Beemerian Queen left to contact the Gamilas officers on Balan to inquire when the Gamilas Transport would arrive, if at all. and was informed that it was entering their star system now and that her continued loyalty would be commemorated to Lord Desslar himself, along with her assured protection from the Rebels. As the Gamilas Transport approached Bemera, Analyzer and Yuki were released from their dungeon cell and brought to the ceremony around the landing platform, where the Beemerian Rebels' Leader stopped the celebration and voiced to the people about the transaction between their Queen and Gamilas, that Gamilas was taking their lives from them and presented to the queen Yuki and Analyzer, believing the two of them to be Gamilons, and threatened the Queen that Gamilas would execute her if they found out that Beemerians had killed Gamilons, and with the revelation of the Royal Honey that the Queen gives the Gamilons in exchange for protection being made from the ground-up corpses of Beemerians, the entirety of the Beemerian populace wanted her dead as well. The Rebel Leader then said that in order to regain the favor of her people and to avoid death, she has to destroy the Gamilas Transport; and provided her with an anti-air laser cannon to do the job with.

The Beemerain Queen shakily approached the cannon and gripped the controls, knowing that there were only two options available for her. Knowing that either choice in the end would result in her dying, the Queen turned the cannon and vaporised the Rebels' Leader; laughing and believing that the Rebels would surrender easily without their leader and Gamilas now present. As the transport landed and the Gamilas pilots left to collect the Royal Honey, the Queen saw as they fell down from the transports gantry to their deaths as the Transport burst in a fiery explosion that engulfed the landing platform as several Human Pilots emerged from the jungles. The Yamato's Pilots had attacked the Transport before it arrived on Bemera and planted explosive charges along its hull, and used the resulting confusion to mount a rescue operation, trying to reason with the Beemerian Rebels that they weren't Gamilons but Earthlings to little avail as the Beemerian Rebels began their assault on the royal palace as the Humans left Bemera back to Yamato to depart and continue on their journey to Iscandar roughly 74,000 more lightyears away and with only 267 more days to Reach Iscandar and return to Earth in time.

At some point after acquiring the Cosmo Cleaner-D from Iscandar to purge the Gamilas Radiation affecting Earth, the Yamato eventually passed Bemera on its way back to Earth.

Yamato 2199 RemakeEdit

Roughly 400 years before the start of the series, Beemeria was in the midst of facing a cataclysm that would end their species. Seeing their plight, Iscandar sent an envoy ship to their world, along with delivering a Wave Motion Core as well in order to assist them.

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