Alien Species
Universe Star Wars
Homeworld Nam Priax
Average Length Larvae: A few centimeters
Adult: Unspecified maximum length
Diet Carnivore
Sapience Level Non-Sapient

Beck-tori are aquatic parasites from Nam Priax's warm seas which grow to extreme sizes. Because the movement of a potential host through the water attracts a Beck-tori, they sometimes will mistakenly attack boats and submersible craft. They are known to have fought frequently with the Gungans. The beck-tori have a strong connection to the Force, which they can use to heal themselves.

Biology and Appearance[]

Beck-tori larvae are translucent creatures only a few centimeters long; they typically pose little danger to anything larger than a normal ichthyoid. At their average length, their main weapons are their abrasive spikes, although full-grown specimen were capable of swallowing their prey whole. Adult Beck-tori can also breathe both air and water.

The Galactic Republic took steps to ensure that the beck-tori were never transplanted to other worlds, but were unable to prevent several infestations. Most notably, an outbreak on Dac took more than fifty years to eradicate. The creatures have also being spotted on Naboo.