The Beasts are the local inhabitants found on the planet featured within Wrongworld. All inhabitants have the word "beast" in their names, distinguishable by appearance yet all behave mainly the same way with just some slight additions to each one. Typically one type of Beast is found in each different environment.

Rituals had also been observed with some of these beasts, mostly as a means to summon a large entity, what kind it is depending on what aliens are performing.

All Beasts are fairly aggressive towards foreign lifeforms, relentlessly attacking upon sight of the player within the Wrongworld:

Beasts[edit | edit source]

Acorn Beast[edit | edit source]

Acorn Beast.jpg

The Acorn Beast is a floral beast found within the Grasslands. These beasts are bipedal with simple arms, and bodies made completely out of wood. Many of these have angry facial expressions with sharpened splinters for teeth.

Some of these Grassland Beasts are found within trees, and will come out and attack whoever tries to chop up the wood of said trees. If one is killed they can be used for firewood as well as normal wood.

Alien Beast[edit | edit source]

Alien Beast.jpg

The Alien Beast is a type of creature found within the "alien" biome. They have very large arms compared to their small legs with sharp claws on each, elongated heads and eyes on top of said heads. Their teeth are serrated, and fairly cone-like for attacking intruders.

These beasts in particular are eerily similar to the famous Xenomorph alien species. It is also implied that these creatures eat coal, as that is dropped along with meat when killed.

Frog Beast[edit | edit source]

Frog Beast.jpg

The Frog Beast is a tribal race of frog-like beasts found within swamps and wetlands. As the name implies, these beasts resemble a similar look to Humanoid frogs or toads. Their skin is greenish, and they wear simple clothed clothing.

Frog Beasts are shown as slightly intelligence, smart enough to use basic forms of weaponry such as blades. A large statue can be found that resembles the Statue of Liberty on Earth. Despite this, they attack in the same way as other beasts, and are just as relentless in their approach.

Pig Beast[edit | edit source]

Pig Beast.png

Pig Beasts are a more docile beast that can be found in numerous forms of habitats, and is considered the most common Beast found on the planet. Pig Beasts are four-legged creatures, and are considered docile in comparison to other beasts, though they are more aggressive at night.

Pig Beasts are also often hunted down by other lifeforms for their meat, and are also often the main targets for alien abductions. This often mirrors the stories of Aliens abducting cattle on Earth.

Rabbit Beast[edit | edit source]

Rabbit Beast.png

Rabbit Beasts are a type of beast that are found in radioactive areas. Despite the name, they don't hold much resemblance to rabbits, but do hold rodent-like properties: dark brown fur-like coverings with bat-like ears. They also have blue eyes with a similarly colored radioactive symbol on their foreheads.

It's possible that these creatures became radioactive due to the Uranium within their bodies, as no other beast is found with these on them. They're also the only radioactive species of Beast.

Rock Beast[edit | edit source]

Rock Beast.png

The Rock Beasts are inorganic beasts found with rocky crags and quarries. They are essentially rocks with simple organs and body parts: small set of stubby feet for movement, and a large tongue and mouth to bite things with.

Different variants had been found throughout these habitats: Copper, Iron, and Gold Rock Beasts. Each one of these variants have their namesake inside of them, making them valuable to harvest for these minerals. Rituals of these creatures summon the Obsidiman.

Slug Beast[edit | edit source]

Slug Beast.png

The Slug Beast is a type of elusive beast that can appear within any habitat. These creatures don't have any legs but do have simple arms, and prominent teeth and forward-facing eyes.

During the day, Slug Beasts spend it within caves, only venturing out in large numbers at night. When killed their bodies release a mysterious foreign goo-like substance.

Snake Beast[edit | edit source]

Snake Beast.png

The Snake beast is a reptilian beast found within deserts and scrublands. It is a two-legged creature, with simple legs and feet found on the very end of its body, the rest of its snake-like body being lifted and supported by these legs.

Snake Beasts are burrowing creatures, and sometimes they can be dug up by mistake during dig sites, and often attacks occur because of this. Due to the nature of beasts though, attacks by Snake Beasts are fairly common either way. They had been known to be acidic.

Yeti Beast[edit | edit source]

Yeti Beast.png

The Yeti Beast is a Humanoid creature found within polar forests. They are the largest of the beasts, and are resemblance to the cryptid known as the Yeti - which is also a human-like creature found in the mountains.

Rituals of the Yeti Beast can summon the Snow Yeti.

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