The Beastformers (ビーストフォーマー Bīsutofōmā) are a species of anthropomorphic animals that reside on the planet Beast.

They are also known as Battle Beasts.


Japanese cartoon continuityEdit

The Headmasters cartoonEdit

The Autobots came into contact with two refugee Beastformers who were seeking help. They said that their world, planet Beast, was a happy and peaceful one ruled by a just hereditary monarchy of lions (what else?) until the Decepticons invaded and helped the enemy forces of Alligatron take control. The Autobots traveled to Beast inside of Fortress Maximus and helped the good Beastformers free planet Beast from Decepticon tyranny. Rodimus Prime left the Monsterbots behind to protect the planet from any future Decepticon incursions. Rebellion on Planet Beast

Despite that victory, Scorponok took many Beastformers hostage. Transplanting them to the planet Zarak as slaves, they were forced to build him a giant transtector.

The Headmasters mangaEdit

Once again, the Decepticons teamed up with Alligatron to take over planet Beast. The good Beastformers under the command of White Leo (with help from human-turned-Beastformer, Kane) sent for assistance from the Autobots, who arrived to help defeat the Decepticons and Alligatron.

Beastformers mangaEdit

At some point, the Three Wise Ones in their underground empire created the Laser Beasts based on the Beastformers who had evolved on the surface. Legend of the Three Wise Ones

Thousands of years later, the Laser Beasts' habitat fell into disrepair and the race was forced to relocate to the surface of the planet. Unknown to the Laser Beasts, the surface of Beast was already inhabited: by the Beastformers! The Laser Beasts and the Beastformers then clashed in a massive battle, deciding which Beast lifeform would rule the surface of Planet Beast!

Dreamwave Generation One continuityEdit

While hunting down the rogue Predacons, Megatron's search brought him to planet Beest during the middle of a battle amongst the Beastformers.

G.I. Joe vs. the TransformersEdit

In order to keep the planet-devouring chaos god Unicron from munching Earth, Flint and Cosmos traveled within the giant's body in order to deliver a devastating payload of metal-eating spores to his brain. Flint and Cosmos were stalled by Unicron's antibodies, in the form of mind-controlled Beastformers. Flint and Cosmos fought past the Beastformers and defeated Unicron with the fungus. Whether this freed the enslaved Beastformers or not remains unclear. However, Joe Colton was charged with leading a mission to Unicron's dead body in order to bring assistance to its residents (presumably the Beastformers).

Ask Vector PrimeEdit

The Maximals and Predacons of Aurex 615.03 Epsilon adopted Battle Beast alternate modes during the "Elemental War" on Jungle Planet.

Other mediaEdit

Blackthorne Battle Beasts comicsEdit

The Battle Beasts did get some fiction in the U.S., in the form of a short-lived (four issues) Blackthorne black-and-white comic book. Good luck finding it.

The comic is set on an unnamed planet inhabited by sentient, armored animals, each imbued with the power of one of the three elements: water, fire, and wood. Their powers and the health of their world are maintained by the Soulspirit, a ghostly figure that—strangely for a planet of talking animals—appears to be human. By keeping her animal charges and their nature totems in harmony, the Soulspirit helps maintain a balance that prevents the return of her ancient enemy—Ruhin, the sludgy lord of chaos. An evil plot by the totem-switching, mind-controlling crime lord Chameleon, and his minions Blitzkrieg Bat, Rocky Rhino, and Cutthroat Cuttlefish, disrupts the Soulspirit's planetary totem renewal ritual: the subsequent psychic totem disruption drives every creature on the planet insane and makes them start viciously attacking each other. The only beasts spared from this madness are Chameleon's forces and a small group of heroes (Horny Toad, Knight Owl, and Gargantuan Gorilla) who had already tried and failed to stop him. With their world now plunged into madness and nonstop war, the heroic faction must journey to find the one being on the planet—the near-mythical Sunburst Warrior—who can restore the harmony and sanity of the Battle Beasts. But they must hurry, because the disruption of the balance of nature has also revived the evil Ruhin!

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