Alien Species
A male Beast. This one in particular is very human-like.
Universe Phantasy Star
Homeworld N/A
Average Height Unknown
Diet Omnivore
Sapience Level Sapient

Beasts are a humanoid race that are descendants of biologically enhanced humans.


Beasts have much in common with humans, except that they are typically larger in build, possess more hair, have generally darker skin, and possess faces and ears like those of canines and felines. Their ears come in many varieties, including pointy, floppy, and even more human-like. All Beasts possess the ability to transform when under duress; this transformation is referred to as "nanoblasting."

Beast nanoblast

A male and female beast after transformation.


Like Newmans, Beasts originally were the result of human experimentation, and like Newmans, eventually branched out into their own race, integrating with society. Beasts often make a living as hunters.