"Out there among the stars, he’s a star. Bazin is a daredevil, a risk taker. Maybe he does some exploring too, but mostly he’s looking for the biggest thrill."
―Rick Schumann, "The Death Addict".

Bazin is a biologically-immortal turtle-like alien who's known for his risk-taking ventures and is revered as a celebrity among numerous space-faring species. Bazin goes from planet to planet seeking adventure, climbing mountains, rowing in rapids, exploring caves, hiking trails, crossing deserts, etc.


Bazin is described as aerodynamically-shaped and fast-moving, despite having a chelonian appearance (complete with polished shell which he can retract into), and weighting around a thousand pounds. Thanks to nanosurgery, he never ages and has an unlimited lifespan, although he might still be killed. On Earth he needs to wear a life support system, as the environmental conditions are different from those required by his species.


  • "The Death Addict", by Larry Niven (2003)
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