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The Baul is one of the middle-aged cultures in the space-faring business, Not quite as old as the Precursors and not as new as the Syreen or the Earthlings, Shofixti or Slylandro but culturally the Slylandro count as Middle-aged to be specific the Baul have only been space faring since about 20,000 BCE but no later than 18,000 BCE . Its known that they have only been space faring since as early as 20,000 BCE. Their apparent flaws in attitude might make the Player wonder how they were able to come this far. To no wonder they've been uplifted by someone else, namely the Ur-Quan. The Baul were designed by the Mother-Ark to be Asteroids demolitions probes, there cousins the Foon-Foon were designed for exploration. the Mrnihrm were digned by the Mother-Ark for combat. but the added strain of including combat probes as well as eploration and asteriod demolitions depleted the power-core of the mother-Ark and eventually it stoped working and now just sits dormant in the Virginis Constellation.

22,165 years ago in 20,000 BC the Ur-Quan subjugated the Rimward region of HyperSpace just shortly after the Senteint Miliu era (23,000 to 20,000 BCE). During the early part of the Dnyarri Slave Empire era (20,000 BCE to 17,500 BCE) .Along with the Baul and it's current inhabitants, the Xen-Weyi ,Fjorn (Mother-Ark), and Foon-Foon were eventually subjugated by the Ur-Quan Kzer-Za by or after 17,500 BCE when the Dnyarri Slave Empire ended. Usually Ur-Quan subjugation routine dictates to use Battle Thrall races to maintain the StarBases built in orbit of Fallow Slave worlds. The original circumstances are still unknown, but at some point of history, Battle Thralls in the Rimward region vanished completely, and the Ur-Quans themselves took over the supervision of the region.

In the year 20,000 BCE the Ur-Quan Scout ships entered Baul space. In those day the Baul only controlled the home star system, an also in those days the Baul were just simply Asteroid demolition robots. The Foon-Foon were also just explorers with no weapons. The Ur-Quan come in to there star system and then just find robots doing there job destroying asteroids and scouting deep space. so they were easily defeated then came the Xen-Weyi subjugation. the Bauls and the Foon-Foon chose to be Battle thralls and the Xen-Weyi chose to become fallow slaves and thus slave shielded. 

After the Xen-Weyi get slave Shielded eventually the Baul turn on there fellow allied Ur-Quan Xen-Weyi guard allies. although the Spathi and the Ilwrath both abandoned the Ur-Quan Earthguard the Ur-Quan Xen-Weyi Guard ended up having a civil war instead of both mutually abandoning the guardee or slave shilded planet. although the Foon-Foon did evolve weapons to fight the Baul. at some point the Lurg told the Baul to abandon the Ur-Quan Xen-Weyi guard and they did end up doing that.

The status quo changed years after the Great War between the Hierarchy and the Alliance ended, as Kohr-Ah fleets entered the scene, triggering the Second Doctrinal Conflict. Every Ur-Quan Kzer-Za was eager to participate in this important battle, but they couldn't leave the region without ensuring the maintenance of the StarBases. They decided to uplift the first pre-spaceflight culture they can find to be Hierarchy Battle Thralls so they can rush blowing up Kohr-Ah Marauders.

To the misfortune of the universe they found the Bauls first, though it could have been a carefully reasoned choice: Ur-Quans don't restrict themselves from uplifting other species if that fits their purposes, BUT it somewhat contradicts their goals -- they make a potential threat stronger. Seeing the other example of Ur-Quan uplifting -- the Ilwrath -- it is possible that the Kzer-Za deliberately chose a culture they found ultimately harmless. The Ilwrath were fierce combatants but submissive to authority and unable to progress. Similarly the Bauls respect their authority and strength, and not really interested in progress as long as they can practice their own authority over others. Perfect choice.

As quickly as they could, the Ur-Quan Lords charged the Bauls with the supervision of the last remaining StarBases in the region. They gave the Bauls Hyper-Space travel capable technology and told them not to disobey, in a way meaningful to them. At the time, the Baul homeworld faced rebellion as a few settlements joined an armed rebellion, advocating for social progress, education and other good stuff uncharacteristically to the rest of their world. These settlements were wiped out by the Ur-Quan as a demonstration of what could happen to the whole species if they don't behave. The Bauls not only understood the message, they were also thankful for it, and from that on, they followed the instructions of their masters obediently.

In the end, both Ur-Quan subspecies weakened considerably in their conflict as the result of the Captain's interference. Not knowing of these results, the Baul continued their servitude in a mixed admiration and fear of the strength of the Ur-Quan. In the meantime they found some zest in themselves about experimenting with new weapons, but with the Ur-Quan threat lingering in the air, they didn't dare to put them in use against other races. That changed when the Lurg came about.

The Boss Edit

With the Lurg came the news: the Ur-Quan Masters are weak now, and the rest of the universe is free to be preyed upon. It didn't take the Lurg much to convince the Baul about this story: the highest ranking general (The Boss) of the Baul Navy was already eager to do some rampaging around, and was just waiting for an excuse to do it. He -- as every fellow Baul would -- found the Lurgs sneaky little worms, but regardless of that he made a deal with them. The Lurgs were looking for ancient artifacts in the region, but in order to keep their low profile, they needed someone to conduct the search. The Boss agreed to dig up some artifacts in exchange for the power the Lurg offered. The Lurg paid in front: they gave a planetary cannon to the Boss, and the location of an exploitable race -- the Foon-Foon. With the promise of spoils, the Boss took the majority of the Navy and went on to enslave the peaceful Foon-Foon.

With the Baul Navy now disobeying their Ur-Quan masters, the Xen-Weyi Starbase became neglected, and with it's resources depleted over time, it's inhabitants died slowly.

Presently the Boss and his men are residing on the Foon-Foon moon, keeping their guard tight around it. They use the Foon-Foon to mine the surrounding area of Hyper-Space and to look for new artifacts the Boss can trade for more powerful weapons. Of course they don't trust their slaves: every Foon-Foon fleet is monitored by an Overseer. Their distrust is not completely unfounded: A number of Foon-Foon ships disappeared since the occupation, and even though these ships never shown any sign of their presence, the Boss suspects them to plot an ambush at some time. Instead of searching for these ships however, the Boss planted the Lurg's planetary cannon on the Foon-Foon moon, pointing towards the Foon-Foon homeworld, practically taking it's population hostage. Still, a Foon-Foon rebellion can put an end to his welfare -- he'd like his position be more secured.

The easiest way to get Baul support is to offer the Boss the help he needs: find the Foon-Foon derelicts and eliminate them. Unfortunately he doesn't have the slightest clue where they could be found.

The Overboss Edit

The defection of the Boss left the Baul government with virtually no military force, and a very displeased leader, the Overboss. The Overboss shows more admiration of the Ur-Quan, and worries about the treachery of the Boss, who -- as he says -- puts the entire Baul race in the danger of being annihilated by their masters. But that sentiment is pretentious as it is: the true motive of the Overboss is that he cannot exercise his authority over the Navy himself. But that doesn't matter, because good relationships with him can be beneficial to our cause:

For the sake of regaining his power, he offers a deal to the Captain. He has the means to take control, but not the power. Even though the Navy act as a bunch of renegades, they still respect authority. What they need is a new Boss to replace the one they got now. But the Boss won't just step down, the Captain has to eliminate him first, and help the new Boss take command. If we're willing to do this favor, the Overboss will grant his support to us.

(The deal is important if we want to build both Foon-Foon Typhoons and Baul Punishers.)

Ship Edit

The obnoxius Baul Punisher. A massive craft developed by Baul engineering genius :). It uses a pair of gases discovered by Baul brewer industry: one of them is red and set of as a cloud, the other is blue, sprayed and quick to dissolve. The two of them meeting creates a destructive shockwave which can also set off other red clouds. On top of that, the clouds can stick to enemy ships.


Bauls respect authority derived from the social position of an individual, achieved through displays of strength, and an overall threatening attitude -- which affects the tone of their speech. They're deeply racist, and are generally unconcerned about interracial relations: diplomacy is for wussies, therefore they won't even care about remembering others names. They prefer to use nicknames, however they won't use nicknames for ones who they acknowledge as authority figures -- like the Ur-Quan.

There's not much hope for common Baul captains getting particularly friendly with the Captain -- who's by default an "alien" --, but a positive relationship with the Boss can move their attitude towards the pretentious, superficial acknowledgement of the Captain as "buddy", "pal" etc.

Aside from being bigoted, racist and occasionally pretentious, the Baul are drunk, like ... always. Their dialogue has hiccups ("hic") scattered around in it. Being drunk is very integral to their identity. Physiologically, Bauls get so much used to drinking during their lifetime, that they actually lose focus and coordination when they don't do it every now and then. It is to no wonder they consider sobriety a way of suffering, and therefore the deprivation of alcohol to them means punishment closely equal to death penalty. Not that they have any death penalty in their jurisdiction: dead people are no fun -- can't be bullied, humiliated nor be deprived of their booze.


High key, deep, raspy voice with rural accent.


Not sure. Having banjo or balalaika played on a deep tune would be interesting. Having some fast banjo music by itself would be hilarious.

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