The Battered Feesh is a terrestrial carnivorous species that can be found within the SPORE Universe.

Appearance Edit

Battered Feesh had evolved into truly aggressive predators. Believed to evolve from aquatic creatures, it still holds some remanence of its aquatic life in the form of fish-like sails and a fish-like head and teeth.

It was evolved powerful legs and arms to move around effortlessly on land, and it even has an extra set of limbs with protrusions that resemble an artificial chainsaw, as its method to fight rivals with. Its feet end in large, human-like toes with huge claws on each, with rocky spurs along its head and shoulders.

Evolution Edit

The Battered Feesh, due to its similarities, is the terrestrial descendent to the Sea Monster, evolving much smaller and growing limbs to roam around on land. The Battlefish can either be a subspecies, or a "missing link" between the two species.

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