Alien Species
Not to be confused with Bartok.

The Bartokks were a clawed, insectoid, hive-mind species of sapients from a planet of the same name in the Outer Rim Territories.

The Bartokks possessed amazing regenerative abilities, and could recover from almost any injury so long as their brains were not completely destroyed. However, if their brain was cut in half each half would regenerate into a separate twin. Their bodies also had the ability to have parts that have been cut off in combat to continue functioning as normal. If decapitated, for example, the body would continue to fight as if it were still attached to the head. They also had a grasp on telepathy, where if one were to be in danger they could simply call on their "hive" to save them. Tenel Ka, Jaina Solo, and Jacen Solo found them to be worthy adversaries. Bartokks travel in hives of a mere fifteen individuals.

Their homeworld was mildly radioactive, leading to occasional mutations which would seem minor to most beings, but were grounds for exile in Bartokk society.

Given their vast regenerative abilities, they likely must consume vast quantities of sustenance in order to facilitate the capability.