Alien Species
Universe Metroid
Homeworld Zebes
Diet Carnivorous
Intellectual Level Non-Sapient

"Baristute" was the Galactic Federation name of a sub-species of non-sapient Sidehoppers native to Zebes. It was notable for resembling a significantly larger Sidehopper, both in terms of physiology as well as its hunting tactic of leaping extremely high in the air to pounce on prey, thus hinting at an evolutionary relation between the two species. Even so, Baristute was certainly far more resilient than its smaller but more numerous cousin, although a Hunter armed with the Chozo's Screw Attack technology would still be able to deliver a fatal electrical slice to them. Usually encountered in solitary conditions, they also could be found in small groups; this may indicate a differing behavior pattern between genders, where males may act as "lone wolves" while females might live in tiny herds; however, this is simply speculation, and with the destruction of planet Zebes it was formally marked as extinct.

The Baristute Species later returned to confront Samus on the Bottle Ship. Only here, they were found in pairs, and in sub-zero temperatures. The fact that they appeared on the bottle ship shows that the Galactic Federation cloned the species formally known as X-45G. The species known as a Baristute is a sub-species of the species known as Sidehopper. There are three sub-species, the lowliest being a regular Sidehopper then the middle form being a Dessgeegas and then finally, the most powerful being the Baristute.