The Baragwin were a race of hunch-backed, bipedal saurians native to the Outer Rim planet Bedayesse. The Baragwin spread throughout the galaxy after their early ancestors discovered space travel. By the time humans began traveling through space, the Baragwins had probably already forgotten where their homeworld, Bedayesse, was.

The average Baragwin was distinguished by their large head, which was as wide as their shoulders and was supported by a thick, muscular neck. Baragwins had an incredible sense of smell, and could determine their quarry's emotional state from the various pheromones exuded.

Their homeworld had been lost over the millennia, and communities of Baragwin evolved distinct emotional and cultural differences during their separation. Being widely scattered, they simply adopted the various technologies found throughout the galaxy, and became knowledgeable in their uses. They also developed weapons and tools that were usable in their three-fingered hands.

Because of their skills with weapons customization, the Baragwin were sought out by Imperial forces during the era of the New Order. However, in the wake of the Battle of Endor and the deployment of the Krytos virus - which wiped out a large percentage of Coruscant's Baragwin population - the Baragwins switched alliances and joined the New Republic.

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