General Information
Homeworld Ythaq
Locomotion Bipedal
Sapience Level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Ythaq Universe

The Banfoo are a sapient race that inhabit the planet Ythaq.

Biology Edit

The Banfoo are squat mammalian creatures. Their outward appearance resemble bipedal walruses. Due to their tusks they are unable to properly pronounce words with 's', which is substituted with 'f' sound. Banfoo are known to possess legendary eyesight, able to see at a distance from several leagues away.

Culture Edit

The Banfoo have lived on the shores of the Ocean of Dew since time immemorial. Life here is organized into three simple tenants: Fishing, Harvesting, and Justice. The Banfoo possess a true passion for trials, and even the simplest conflicts are always settled in court. The Banfoo practice true democratic justice, as during trials, every citizen becomes a juror. To be considered a juror one must be an adult Banfoo and children are strictly forbidden from participating.

Each juror has twenty marbles which they use in judgement. For each marble placed in the opening to the right, a guilty vote; to the left a vote for innocence. The defendants are place on a platform surrounded by a body of water filled with vicious aquatic animals. The marbles are what trigger the balancing mechanism of the platform deciding whether the defendants are innocent or guilty.

One tradition that is consistent in these trials, is that the trials never last past tea time.

In their culture seashells are used as currency.

Appearances Edit

  • Les Naufragés d’Ytha 001 (2005)
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