The Bandrils are a sapient spacefaring race of worm-like creatures which describe themselves as peaceful, although they do have advanced military technology to be used should they go to war.

They are close galactic neighbors with the Karfelons, with which they have long maintained a peaceful diplomatic relationship, with the Bandrils importing grains from Karfel, which ended up playing a large role in providing food supplies for the Bandril population.


When the mutated scientist Megelen (known to the people simply as the Borad, this being the title used for the main governor) took control of the planet Karfel he actively declared war on the Bandrils, well aware that Karfel was hopeless against a far more powerful opponent and that the Bandrils had weapons that would clean the planet of all intelligent life. The Borad planned to have the Karfelon species extinct so he could repopulate the world with mutants like him, created from genetic material from the native Morlox beasts. As expected, the Bandrils launched the apocalyptic missiles at the planet, having no other option as without the grains from Karfel their population would risk starvation. After the Doctor defeated the Borad, the Karfelons attempted to contact the Bandril fleet to cancel the attack, but with no success. After witnessing the Doctor's apparent self-sacrifice to save the Karfelons and Peri, as he used his own TARDIS as a deflector shield, the Bandrils were moved by the heroic act and agreed to call off the war.


  • Doctor Who season 22 (Sixth Doctor) – Timelash (1985)
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