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The Bandersnatch (known to the Thrintun as Whitefood) are a species which are found in the planet Jinx and is said to live in the high pressure areas by the shore of Jinx's main body of water.


The Bandersnatch is described to be similar to a very large slug which has a smoothly rounded and egg-shaped body. It is said to have completely white smooth and glossy skin. It has a apatosaurus-like neck which is estimated to be as high as the Bandersnatch's body. The tip of the Bandersnatch's neck is thick and rounded without any features except for two tufts of black bristles and this is said to be their sensory organs. Another interesting feature of the Bandersnatch is its huge, whale-like mouth which is located at the bottom of its body, just above the belly foot of the creature. This large mouth is said to scoop up the grey (mutated) yeast-like organism that they eat from the shores of Jinx's main body of water. They are said to be very quick with their belly foot. It should be noted as well that the Bandersnatch has no prehensile limbs, like hands, which limits their object manipulation skills. They were created intelligent and are also immune to the telepathic mind control abilities of the Thrintun and, presumably, any other telepathy-utilizing species.

The Bandersnatch is a biologically engineered creature by the Tnuctipun during the Thrintun (Slaver) empire as their food source. It is described to be a single-celled organism with a long and thick (as thick as a Human finger) chromosome. They are made this way so that they are resistant to mutation through radiation and so they have not evolved in the 1.5 billion years since the Thrintun (Slaver) empire ended. Their nerve structures are similar to the Human structure, but their nerves do not have a cell body or a nucleus. The Bandersnatch has six large hearts, which is estimated to weigh 11 pounds each. Their brain is large but is said to be long and narrowly shaped. The brain is encased on a bone shell and since the skeleton of the Bandersnatch is jointless and flexible yet strong, this is located in one end of the very secure cage of bone. However, this design limits them from shifting positions.


Being as it is a single-celled organism, they can reproduce asexually by budding.

Culture and society[]

Approximately in the year 2646, the Bandersnatchi and the Humans living in Jinx made a covenant wherein the Bandersnatchi sold hunting rights to the Humans in exchange for income which they can use to buy for themselves specialized tools and devices especially made for them like Bandersnatch's Hands. The covenant entails that one can buy a license that enables a hunter to hunt one Bandersnatch in an armored car but, there is rigid limitation on weapons that can be used.

It should be noted that a Bandersnatch can run down and crush an armored car so, it gives the hunter 60% of success and a 40% chance of dying.

There are several advantages that this covenant brings for both Bandersnatchi and Humans. For the Bandersnatchi, not only are they able to buy specialized gadgets for them but also, it prevents overpopulation since they reproduce quite easily. It can be assumed that it produces excitement and thrill for the Bandersnatchi whose senses are not as developed. On the other hand, the Humans living in Jinx gets advantages from the Bandersnatchi as well, in terms of operating scientific instruments in high pressure environments that the Humans cannot stand.



  • The Bandersnatchi are one of the creatures found in the Known Space universe by Larry Niven. They're named after a ferocious animal described in the poems of Lewis Carroll.