Alien Species

The Banasthaurs were a race of winged humanoids from the planet Banasthau. In 0 BBY, several Banasthaurs confronted the Human Havet Storm in a cantina on the planet Toprawa over his possession of a lightsaber.

Biology and appearance[]

The Banasthaurs were a race of winged humanoids.


Banasthaurs were present in the galaxy during the Galactic Civil War. In the year 0 BBY, several Banasthaurs visited a cantina on the planet Toprawa. The cantina, Al The Alchemists, was patronized by gun-runners, mercenaries, and bounty hunters from across the galaxy; the infamous Boba Fett among them. Also present in the cantina at the time was Havet Storm, a young Human boy whose grandfather had been a Jedi Knight. The patrons soon discovered that Storm was carrying a lightsaber, so the bar-goers—Banasthaurs included—gathered around the boy and stared at him with hostility. Fett, who bore a grudge against the boy from a previous encounter, ordered the assorted patrons of the cantina to kill Storm, but the boy was able to escape.