The Balunians are a sapient species of tiny humanoids from the planet Balunia. Their regular form is about the size of an insect, but they're able to inflate themselves up to Human size. They're also capable of flight and telekinesis.


After their planet's atmosphere became dangerously polluted by chemical agents, a Balunian family flied away in a small flying saucer and went to live on Earth. The family consists of father Krim, mother Gloma, daughter Plinky and their pet, a blue dog-like creature called Grunk, which possesses the same abilities as its owners.

They're initially scared of Humans, but peaceful contact was achieved with the help of the Super Friends, who welcomed them to Earth. They were later given a house to live in the city of Washington, as Krim was offered a job in the United States Environmental Protection Agency, acting as a special adviser to the Agency's chief, Simon Pure.


  • Super Friends - "The Balloon People"
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