General Information
Homeworld Data not available
Habitat Swampy Environments
Height Data not available
Diet Omnivorous
Sapience Level Sapient
Language Data not available
Subspecies/Races Data not available
Behind the Scenes
Universe Uplift Universe

The Bahtwin (ab-Gello ab-Soro ab-Hul ab-Puber) were discovered by the Gello during one of the many planetary surveys that Clan Soro has performed under contract for the GIM. Clan Soro has come to specialize in high O-2 tension ecologies looking for prime Pila or Stheee colonization. Mifparor had the desired high partial pressures of Oxygen but with its position barely within a habitable zone, relatively low relief, and slightly less gravity than on Earth, it was far from a Pila paradise while sea-level pressures tended to be a little too low for the Stheee.

The Bahtwin came from swampy environments with deep forest and permanent thick overcast. Massive tropical cyclones occasionally swept the Bahtwin's primordial habitat, but otherwise a near constant drizzle, mist and temperatures of between 35 and 40 degrees Celsius characterized the miasmal proto-Bahtwin home. The proto-Bahtwin lived by trapping or ambushing prey. They were mostly arboreal, but were comfortable on the ground or swimming in shallow water.

The Bahtwin had no highly accurate long-range sensoria. However, they had an acute sense of smell complemented by quite respectable magnetic sensors that were attuned to bioelectric signals. The proto-Bahtwin also had an array of infrared pit sensors and sensitive motion sensing external cilia. In addition, they had a decent sense of hearing. Today the Bahtwin still have the same senses. This leads to a behavior Earthlings call "puffiling." A Bahtwin will puff on an object for the stimulus it provides to his or her cilia. The Bahtwin will alternate puffs with audible sniffing. If an electric current is near, a curious Bahtwin may also hold an object between its face and the magnetic source.

The proto-Bahtwin spent most of their time out hunting, but belonged to an "affiliation" having a central "meeting ground" and as many as 60 individual members. Affiliates would periodically return to their group's meeting ground with food gifts. At the meeting ground the proto-Bahtwin would nuzzle, groom, play, and mate with co-affiliates.

For the proto-Bahtwin grooming was a critical hygenic activity. In addition it played a critical role in the proto-Bahtwin social order. Humid, high energy conditions predisposed proto-Bahtwin to parasites and infection. Infrared pits and cilla were particularly at risk. Bahtwin still engage in self-grooming almost constantly and usually with little conscious awareness of their intrisically motivated habits.

Today's Bahtwin are still cheery members of Clan Soro, equally at home in crowds and at solitary pursuits. They have a remarkable empathetic rapport with most life forms. It no doubt derives from a past as patient hunters complemented by their sensoria sensitive to temperature and magnetic stimulii.

Bahtwin are largely satisfied and loyal junior members of Clan Soro. They can be found throughout the Soro Empire in almost any capacity. Many Bahtwin are gifted biologists and a number are active in the GIM and GUI. The genial, easygoing Bahtwin are popular throughout Soro space and beyond. However, the Soro themselves seem to have trouble taking the Bahtwin seriously and obviously prefer the more driven Pila as grand clients, though they are proud of very real Bahtwin accomplishments. The Bahtwin could not get along better with the Gello.

Prior to the Siege of Earth, Bahtwin were frequent and enthusiastic tourists to Earth and its colonies, where alone among the Soro Clan they earned a reputation as pleasant guests. Like many of the Clan's species, Bahtwin actually seem to enjoy Terragen company. They are particularly fond of Neo-Chimps.

The Bahtwin are unusual among the Soro Clan in that they appreciate humor. Humans have noticed that Forski grasp the concept of humor well enough to discern its use—and sometimes can figure out if they have been insulted. However, Bahtwin living in Terragen space develop preferences for specific situation comedies and humorists. They will even participate in animated critiques of comic routines, though they seldom repeat jokes. It is no accident that one of the Bahtwin who took up residence in the Deemi Detention Zone after the outbreak of hostilities is the producer of a camp remake of the old Flipper series. The new remake have become something of a cult hit among selected client species, including Neo-Chimpanzee, Neo-Dolphin, Tytlal, and Wazoon.

From New York's perspective the primary threats posed by the Bahtwin are their skill as sophtint agents, sneakship operators, and as commandos in certain very low illumination operations. In the Siege of Earth and the Occupation of Calafia Bahtwin crews are thought responsible for a plurality of kills on allied sneakships—including the lion's share against Synthian assets.


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