Bach’s Species is a an species from Darla Phelps Pets Universe.


This species was humanoid an average height of at least seven feet. According to some giants’ a human at the average of five feet was compared to the height of a pygmy. In addition unlike a human female, this species has its clitoris located internally.


Bach, a retired Central agent bought a human woman named Judy Baker, who he named Pani. After months of intense training he domesticated her, but not before realizing that she was an intelligent creature.

When Pani was kidnapped by a unscrupulous pet breeder, he rescued her. While he pleaded with his old friend Councilman Reimek that returning the humans to their world was the best decision, it was rejected. Unwilling to topple the lucrative pet trade and return his own pets, it was decided to quarantine of Earth under the pretense that humans were an endangered species due to overhunting by the trappers. Using what human captives they had left the giant aliens then began breeding them to suit demand.

Eventually Bach’s nephew published an article revealing that humanity was a sentient species throwing the entire alien culture in disarray. Mob executions took to the streets, by the populace to find scapegoats to redirect their guilt and crimes. The Central pledged to right the wrongs of their previous administration by offering humans full citizenship. In addition to help the humans they initiated a foster program to allow owners to care for their former pets, as official members society now with legal protection.


This species maintains xenophobic attitudes towards other races. Their previous first contact with the Kadmier has not made them any wiser. Their species supports an industry that upholds the exploitation of humanity.

Instead of seeing an race of intelligent beings, the giants instead saw exotic animals to sell back to the homeworld.

Using trained trappers, the giants tailed lone humans, targeted based on their clients’ preferences and tastes. Once tranquilized, these captured men and women were stripped of their clothes, and any articles that would identify them as sentient beings. Packed into cramp cages they were shipped to the homeworld and sold to the many ‘pet’ companies.

Under the pretense that humans are semi-intelligent beasts, the aliens used them as they wished. Owners used their human pets similar to how humans domesticated dogs. However due to humanity’s similar appearances they were used in more depraved ways, such as sexual entertainment. Both genders are raped and used as breeding materiel against their will. Their bodies modified to suit the tastes of their owners.

Those under enslavement, suffer intense humiliation and are eventually broken by their ‘caring’ owners. Another side effect was severe case of Stockholm syndrome making them wholly dependent on their masters.

Government Edit

The species is governed by a totalitarian state, known as Central that controls all information and every aspect of society.


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