General Information
Homeworld Baab
Body Type Humanoid
Sapience Level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Escape from Planet Earth

The Baabian homeworld

The Baabians are a spacefaring humanoid species with hairless blue skin native to the ringed planet Baab.


Baabians have four fingers on each hand, long pointed ears and may have crests on the head, which seem to be larger and more colorful in females, although individual variations occur in both genders. They have been shown to survive on Earth's environmental conditions with no problems.

Culture and societyEdit

This species is puzzled by several aspects of Earth culture, from the concept of countries and wars to simpler objects such as dental floss and sunglasses. They also regard reptiles as beautiful creatures and mammals as brutish primitives, likely indicating that they evolved from reptilianoid beings themselves.

Baabian technology is highly advanced, as they have access to an energy source known as bluebonium, of which even small portions are capable of fueling a weapon that could destroy entire planets. Armor suits, spaceships and hover cars are also among their technological achievements. They are archenemies to the Gnarlachs, which are known to kidnap and eat young Baabians.


  • Escape from Planet Earth (2013)
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