The Protoculture addicts must be eliminated. All those who use the power contained within the Flower of Life pose a potential threat to our domination." - The Awareness to its servants.

The Awareness is the name of a mysterious entity that is worshipped by the Haydonites and guides their civilization.

In the aftermath of the Third Robotech War, the Awareness was somewhat surprised that the Invid had survived. However, it informed its followers that their goals were unchanged and that all races that made use of Protoculture had to be eliminated as they posed a threat to the Haydonites dominion. Thus, it gave instructions to the Haydonites to betray the Robotech Expeditionary Force and eliminate the Humans which culminated in the Battle for Space Station Liberty.


The Awareness first features in the Robotech II: The Sentinels comics where its described as the super computer controlling Haydon V.

In Robotech: End of the Circle, the Awareness begins a pre-programmed chain of events in response to the "Event" as dictated to it by its creator Haydon.

The Awareness' reference to Protoculture addicts is a homage reference to the Robotech fanzine which was called Protoculture Addicts.


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