The Avogwi were a race of tall, predatory birds native to Altor XIV. They have three opposable fingers on each wing. They were primitive and lawless, and despise technology. They were often called Altorian Birds. Much of the Avogwi society was dominated by the teachings of Toro-toral, which detail the elaborate ritual duels among Avogwi. Many Avogwi found off their homeworld were employed as bounty hunters. Emperor Palpatine subjugated a number of Avogwi during the New Order, using drugs and the Dark Side of the Force to keep the Avogwi hallucinating about their deepest fears. They were then used as vicious guards, while stormtroopers were used for more important tasks. The Avogwi were carnivorous. It was scientifically possible that the Avogwi and Nuiwit were descended from the same ancestors, although neither race will admit to it.

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