Avet is a member of the Lily People in Firefall.

History Edit

Described as the pride of the herd, Avet is right hand man of Elder Nep, who he acted as his eyes and ears on Mure. Avet had unintentionally brought firefall upon the herd when he ventured to close to the Tower. His curiosity resulted in many deaths of several young children. His act of carelessness brought him shame and he summarily exiled himself to the forest.

After two seasons it was thought by many in the herd that he had given himself to the carnivorous vines, but was revealed to be alive after he came out of exile. He was welcomed back into the Lily People with open arms who celebrated his return. During the celebrations he had a brief intimate relationship with a young member of the herd, Shaleen impregnating her with his child.

Avet was among those of the herd that had reach 25 years of age and would be harvested by the Tower. Elder Nep seeking to end the harvests of the Lily People, conspired with Avet to negotiate with the willots to bring the wizard Hur to Mure. When the willot Chesoon failed to bring the wizard Hur claiming to have brought his brother Jacob. As the Creatures from the Sister World had dropped the wizard from the intended destination, Avet had to fetch the wizard himself. He witnessed the wizard, Jacob Rowlin, miraculously survive the deadly vines that plagued Mure. On the way toward the Lily Pond, Terasel arrived to relieve him so he may send word to the rest of the herd. He later witnessed the birth of Shaleen's child who was safely brought into the world by the hand of Hur furthering his belief that Jake was Hur. As he comforted Shaleen after her ordeal, the pair noticed the growing closeness of Hur and Terasel.

When Hur refused harvest time, the Great One of the Tower People, personally went to Lily Pond to cull the herd. After being easily dispatched by the wizard with a simple punch, the willot guards gathered the ruler back to the Tower. To prepare for firefall, Avet along with many of the harvest survivors went with Hur to the forest to gather giant petals to build crude shelters.

After firefall was over the herd celebrated in its victory and continuance. Avet taking note of Terasel and Hur's relationship was encouraged by the wizard to pursue a similar permanent bond with Shaleen who also reciprocated his feelings.

When the arion, Montigue informed the Lily People that they would be forced to leave Mure as they currently lived on a protected preserve owned by the willots, Avet was told by Hur to seek out the willots at the Tower. Despite his horrible history of the place, he agreed believing it would bring deliverance.

After the Tower People were removed by the law, Avet remained with the Lily People, marrying Shaleen, entertaining the herd with stories of Hur's exploits in the forests during firefall.

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