Biography Information
Homeworld Earth
Gender Genderless
Abilities World creation
Status Alive
Behind the Scenes
Appearances Birthdays: The Beginning

The Avatar is a humanoid being representing the player in Birthdays: The Beginning. It is often accompanied by Navi.

Appearance Edit

The Avatar appears as a humanoid creature with simplified features. Its about as tall as a average human with red skin, with its hands, feet, and front of its face a pure white. It has large, forward-facing yellow eyes. It has a singular antenna on its head.

While not appearing to wear clothing, it does indeed have a purple cape, attached by a silver collar.

Abilities Edit

As a world creator, the Avatar holds god-like abilities. It can create numerous worlds called "cubes", named for their shape, that grow bigger and bigger overtime as life grows. Other abilities reflect this: altering the surface and water temperature, and altering the terrain for different creatures to adapt to. This is described as it playing "mother nature".

Aside from these, it can also fly on its own power, never showing to touch the ground at all, and it can release ringed beams to scan lifeforms to catalogue and study.

History Edit

According to the official website, it once seemingly lived on Earth before it found a giant cube deep in the forest, inviting it in with a bright light. From there it was transported into a mysterious world, given these powers and abilities, and given the aid of Navi.

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