Orbital position 80.3 Earth days
Rotation period 80.3 Earth days
Orbital period 80.3 Earth days
Class Terrestrial
Atmosphere 78% Nitrogen, 21% Oxygen, 1% other
Native fauna Mudpods, Hysteria, Gulphogs
Native flora Stinger Fans
Behind the Scenes
Universe Extraterrestrial Universe
Creator Big Wave

Aurelia is a hypothetical terrestrial planet orbiting around a red dwarf star. Aurelia's size is roughly the same of Earth's, and like Earth, Aurelia is a world with lots of surface water and a wide variety of native organisms. The planet is not home to any sapient species, though.

Aurelia is tidally locked to its star, meaning that one half of the planet permanently faces the star, while the other side is in eternal darkness. As a result, the day side of Aurelia is under a giant, never-ending hurricane and violent rainstorms; and on the night side the ocean is frozen and a perpetual ice age takes place.


Complex life is only found on the habitable zone between the two. On this area, swamps and wetlands are the primary terrain. All life on Aurelia is carbon-based. Covering much of the habitable terrain are plant-like animals called Stinger Fans. Eating the roots of the Stinger Fans but also giving living space are the Mudpods. Mudpods are small creatures that are amphibious. They are the main prey for Gulphogs. Gulphogs are large ostrich-like predators that have a hierarchical structure. The most dangerous known animal is the Hysteria. The animal itself is incredibly small but can group into large colonies that poison, digest and grow breeding spores out of animals.

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