Aughra is the embodiment of the world of Thra and is considered as an avatar of Thra itself.

History Edit

Aughra was born as a need for Thra's desire to view the world from the rocks and roots. Her birth marked the beginnings of life on Thra. Aughra guided the early races of Thra such as the Gelflings and Podlings, Teaching each of them respectively on dreamfasting and animal soul speaking. The essence of Thra was regarded as a goddess by the races who referred her as Mother Aughra seeing her as an ancient and wise being.

Over the centuries, Aughra's thirst for knowledge turned her eyes toward the stars. She began to study the movement of the stars and planets in order to divine the future. The ancient realized that the other stars contained life when a stray comet landed on Thra containing the hints of life. Using her powers she molded the spark into a form similar to her own, giving birth to her son Raunip.

The two immortals would guide the development of Thra's chilldren, until the coming of the Great Conjunction. During the alignment of the triple suns, Aughra was badly burned by the great rays, while observing the event. The event coincided with the arrival of the urSkeks, who healed Aughra as best they could with their own powers. Aughra enthralled by these visitors wished to learn more from them. The urSkeks consented stating they were emissaries from another world.

As Aughra was taught by the urSkeks, the Gelflings and Podligs were too in turn taught by these aliens. Raunip, however jealous of his mother's attention toward the urSkeks believed that the urSkeks were hiding something. When Raunip discovered that the urSkeks were exiles, he warned his mother, but she had already known and wished to help the urSkeks to return home. Through a ritual during the next Great Conjunction the light from the suns would shine through the Crystal and into the urSkeks purifying them of their darker parts thus allowing to return to their home.

However one urSkeks who had succumbed to his darker aspects shattered a piece from the Crystal separating the urSkeks into the urRu and Skeksis. Aughra appealed to the Skeksis to help reunite with their lighter selves but the latter responded in violence.

She and Raunip spent decades searching for the missing shard to heal the crystal. However they were unable to determine which shard belonged to the Crystal. The shattering of the Crystal not only affected the urSkeks but also Aughra who over time became a shadow of her former self, suffering from dementia.

After Raunip left his mother to aid the Makrak, Aughra's condition had deteriorated her into a losing to senility and becoming an isolationist hermit. During the reign of the Skeksis, they tricked the prophet with tales of the universe. Eager for knowledge beyond Thra she went into a meditative state and projected ther mind across the stars to explore. Three hundred years later Thra called her back as the Skeksis had abused the Dark Crsytal, poisoning it with the Darkening. Aughra having been gone from her home attempted to make things right urged the Gelfing to rebel against the Skeksis. While her work saw the unification of the seven clans, it was not enough to stop the Skeksis as they created the Garthim to hunt down her children. Nearly all the Gelfling were killed and Aughra was forced to return to her sanctuary to await the one who would bring an end to their power.

When Jen discovered Aughra she gave him the shards she gathered, Jen was able to determine the real crystal using the music of his flute. The Garthim attacked Aughra's Observatory seeking Jen, who escaped, but Aughra was captured and brought before the Skeksis.

Aughra witnessed the reunification of the urRu and Skesis and the new age of Gelflings. A hundre years after the healing of the Dark Crystal, Aughra relocated her home to the Castle of the Dark Crsytal still attempting to seethe future through the stars.

Powers & Abilities Edit

Aughra is the very essence of Thra and thus is privy to all its secrets. Due to her connection with Thra, she is able to control plants and communicate with animals. As the Crystal is an intricate part of Thra its condition affects Aughra as well.

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