The Atta are an ant-like species who live in Arieki.

Classes Edit

The Atta come in several forms:

  • Atta Soldiers, who attack on sight by throwing boulders, but soon close in for melee attacks.
  • Atta Workers, who attack on sight primarily by throwing boulders, but also have a slow virulent damage over time attack.
  • The Atta Queen is the leader of the hive and is involved in a number of missions. She talks to her servants via a telepathic bond. She is the only Atta able to give birth, and is as a result fiercely protected by other Attas.

All Attas have a large amount of health, and are weak to ice and laser damage.

Hives and Colonies Edit

The Atta have several population centers:

  • Kardash Atta Colony in Plains
  • Ojasa Atta Hive in Incline
  • Rivasa Atta Colony in Thunderhead

Other Locations Edit

  • Avernus Outpost in Ashen Desert
  • Bane Conscription Facility in Ashen Desert
  • Mauna Barrens in Ashen Desert
  • Phanin Research Facility in Plains

Stance Edit

The Atta and Eloh appear to have a certain link or understanding, as Elohs have been known to seek refuge in the various Atta Hives and Colonies from time to time. Atta protect and help them if needed.

The Brann and Bane have attempted to control the Atta and use them as troops. While this hasn't been successful so far, these attempts at control and the invasion of their Hives and Colonies have made the Atta defensive, and as a result are prone to attack other species on sight.

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