The Atlanteans were a race of aliens that originally inhabited an unknown star system in Messier 78 nebula.


Nadia, last living Atlantean hybrid.

Biology Edit

They were humanoid in appearance and were extremely long lived. They were able to interbreed with humans with no problem. They have been describe to have supernatural abilities but this claim is disputed.

Technology Edit

Often referred to as God by humans, the Atlanteans were technologically advance, able to create sapient life & robots, travel light years in seconds and can terraform areas on planets with control of the weather. They have formed artificial islands that dot the Earth's Pacific, Antarctic, and Indian oceans.

History Edit

The Atlanteans came and colonized Earth around 200 million years. After establishing a thriving civilization on the planet, they began their search for a suitable servant species. They first created whales but then saw them serving them as impractical. They had then moved on to Hominids, their first creation being aptly named "Adam" . They went to on to create more humans to serve them and their nation prospered for a time. Civil war racked their civilization and brought their race to its knees. The surviving Atlanteans and Humans formed the great city of Atlantis as a shining beacon of peace. This didn't last as the city sunk into the depths due to war. The dwindling population of Atlanteans began interbreeding with their creations ending their race in the process. Earth was then ruled by a monarchy of Atlantean hybrids until their downfall at the hands of a hooded man by the name of Gargoyle. Nadia is the last living hybrid and direct descendant of the Atlantean monarchy.

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