Atasian Highbreed
General Information
Other Names Highbreed
Homeworld Augstaka
Habitat Cold
Height 10ft
Locomotion Bipedal
Diet Liquids
Sapience Level Sapient
Behavior Hostile (formerly)
Behind the Scenes
Universe Ben 10 Universe

The Atasians (more commonly known as the Highbreed) believe that their DNA is the purest of all alien species, and seek to cleanse the galaxy of lower life forms.

History Edit

The Highbreed travelled to Earth to exterminate mankind, creating the DNAliens using Xenocites to do all their dirty work. The Highbreed are actually hyper-evolved plant life with a very fierce belief in racial purity (more so than certain humans) that they reduced themselves to inbreeding which rendered them completely sterile and vulnerable to infection. In effect, the species was dying out and they wanted to take the rest of the universe with them until Ben used the prototype Omnitrix's DNA repair function to save them. Through the wise words of Reinrassig III, who was grateful of Ben for repairing his arm, the Highbreed called off their attacks.

Abilities Edit

The Highbreed species possesses great physical strength and endurance and it was shown that they can even take on opponents twice their size.

The Highbreed can shoot their fingertips like darts and quickly regenerate them. They also sport wings, which they can use for flight.

It has been shown that they can draw water from the ground using their tendrils from their abdominal area in the most arid areas.

Weaknesses Edit

The Highbreed are extremely thermophobic and can't work in conditions that have high temperatures, although they don't appear to have physical weaknesses and are oddly capable of walking through fire unharmed.

Due to generations of inbreeding, their immune systems are compromised, which means that any form of simple diseases that "mutts" are immune to becomes a massive problem to the Highbreed.

Gallery Edit

Notes Edit

  • Highbreed are somewhat currently extinct, since Ben has turned them all into hybrids, with the artificial world of Primus housing the last pure strain of Atasian DNA in the entire universe.
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