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The Atasians (commonly known as the Highbreed) are a racist alien species from the planet Augstaka[1] who believed that their DNA was the purest of all living species. Because of their beliefs, they sought to cleanse the galaxy of lower life forms.



Atasians were originally a white humanoid plant-like species with black hands and feet, a purple face with three, four, five or six red eyes whose placement would differ between individuals, and four red eye-like features on their chests. Above their black hands and feet are grayish splotches that temper off before their elbows and knees.

After the genetic repair, Atasians now come in many colors.

Powers and abilities[]

Atasians possesses great physical strength and endurance, allowing them take on opponents twice their size. Technically speaking, an Atasian's physical strength ranges from being a little bit weaker than Vilgax to substantially stronger.[2]

Atasians can shoot their fingertips like darts and quickly regenerate them. They also sport wings they can use for flight.

Atasians can draw water from the ground using their tendrils from their abdominal area in the most arid areas.


The Highbreed are extremely thermophobic and cannot work in conditions that have high temperatures, but are oddly capable of walking through fire unharmed.

Due to generations of inbreeding, the immune systems of the Highbreed are compromised, meaning that diseases other lifeforms would be immune to become a massive problem to them.

Culture and society[]

The Atasians call themselves the Highbreed because they despise every other species and believe themselves to be "above" them (that title actually goes to Celestialsapiens). They also believe that they are the first species ever to come into existence,[1] but they have no proof of it and simply made it up.[2] Regardless, this belief is recorded in their accounts of history and, because of it, the Atasians believe they are naturally afforded certain birthright advantages.[3]

Atasians are racist and xenophobic to the extent they believe that their DNA is the purest of all alien species and seek to cleanse the universe of "lower life forms". To achieve this, they sent advance forces to create the DNAliens using Xenocites to do much of the dirty work.

Atasians make no effort to hide their hatred for other races, as the first Highbreed that Ben Tennyson ever fought fought openly and relentlessly insulted him with remarks like "filth" and "scum". This Highbreed even said that Ben (as his transformation Humungousaur) had "infected" him when he bit his hand.

Atasians are fiercely loyal to their commanders. To them, obeying a commander's orders and dying is more important for them than to live.

Augstaka is a regal and welcome-looking planet complete with low-rolling green hills, calm and coastal waters, clean and busy metropolises,[3] and a monarchy-based government led by the Highbreed Supreme.

Atasians have great pride in the superiority of Augustaka, ensuring that no other beings set foot on their home planet despite its inviting look.[3]

Atasians do not wear clothes because they completely reject the customs of decency and galactic culture.[4]


Atasiansare known to build massive teleporter gates in secret, through which the main armada can arrive before destroying a planet and its inhabitants.


The Atasians evolved from some form of galactic plant life,[2] possibly an equivalent of Earth's bananas. Due to believing that their DNA is the purest of all alien species, they tried to maintain their blood purity for so long that it has led to much inbreeding.

Unfortunately, this idea of racial purity became their undoing as the lack of genetic diversity in the Atasian gene pool led their immune system to become weak. This in turn made them vulnerable to infections, diseases, and sterility. Their entire race was rendered completely sterile and without children, the Atasians would become extinct.

Despite dying out, the Atasians did not want to go down by themselves. This would spur their xenophobia-based genocidal rampage throughout the universe to extreme levels. In short, they wanted to take the rest of the universe with them by attacking any species they found or encountered and bringing them to extinction like they were.

During their attempted invasion of Earth, Ben Tennyson used the prototype Omnitrix's DNA repair function to save them. Despite their horrified reactions to their now colorful bodies, Reinrassig III explained to his brethren that Ben had given them a chance to live, having been grateful of Ben for repairing his arm in the past. Moved by Reinrassig's words, the Highbreed called off their attacks and appointed him the new Highbreed Supreme.



  • The Omnitrix's Atasian representative is named Moot.[2]
  • Ironically, the name Highbreed sounds similar to "hybrid", a mix between two different species, despite them caring greatly about their "purity".
    • It may also be foreshadowing their fate, which was to become a species of hybrids at the end of "War of the Worlds: Part 2".
  • The Highbreed were conceived by Dwayne McDuffie and are visually based on plants, specifically bananas.[2]
    • To better explain this reference, Atasians and bananas both lack genetic variation among their species. They are both also sterile and therefore vulnerable to deadly infections that take advantage of their lack of diversity.
    • Modern bananas are duplicated through plant cloning as their seeds are far too small and completely inert, even if they could be fertilized.
  • The Highbreed have a terrestrial anthem; one notable lyric from which is "As it should be!"
  • The Highbreed were considered to be Ben's most physically powerful enemies, even though they are no longer enemies.[2]
  • The Highbreed had concept art drawn by Eric Canete, whereas their final design was created by Glen Murakami, with color styling by Chris Hooten.
  • It is confirmed at least one Highbreed gained Celestialsapien DNA during their genetic repair. However, he is probably unable to use Celestialsapien powers.[2]
  • Their motives are similar to how Nazis see themselves to the other people, as they were obsessed with racial "purity", despised all other races and tried to exterminate them, until "War of the Worlds: Part 2", when their DNA was rewritten.
  • Ben was not the only hero that thwarted the Highbreed's invasions, as heroes on many planets fought them locally. One of them was (surprisingly) Vilgax, who was ready to face the Highbreed on his territories.[2]
  • Highbreed are in many ways similar to Terraformars from Terra Formars manga.
    • Both species share strict social hierarchy and hatred for other intelligent lifeforms, particularly humans, whom they desire to exterminate.
    • Both species have evolved from certain creatures (plants for Highbreed, cockroaches for Terraformars) into towering humanoid expressionless aliens who thrive in cold climate.
    • Both species possess advanced intelligence and massive amount of physical strength, allowing them to lift multiple times their body weight and develop interplanetary travelling system. At the same time, both creatures have functional wings and ability to fly.
  • There are hundreds of millions of Highbreed.[2]
  • The Atasian name is used for both this species and their genus.[3][1]
  • The Atasians have a terrestrial anthem, one notable lyric from which is "As it should be!".[3]
  • The Highbreed bailiff featured in the Omniverse episode "Universe vs. Tennyson" is unrelated to the one who appeared in the Alien Force episode "Vreedle, Vreedle".[4]
  • Had the Highbreed appeared in Omniverse flashbacks, they would look exactly the same as they did in Alien Force.[4]
  • Derrick J. Wyatt said that if Ben's Highbreed transformation had appeared in Omniverse, he would have been green-colored, in congruence with the species' genetic repairing in "War of the Worlds: Part 2".
  • All purebred Highbreed are functionally extinct, since Ben has turned them all into hybrids. Therefore, Moot's DNA is the last known strain of pure Atasian DNA in the universe.


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