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Astropaths are specially-trained psychics whom serve the Imperium of Man, belonging as a whole to the Adeptus Astra Telepathica. Due to their amazing capability to both send and receive psychic transmissions across interstellar space, they are utilized in forming the Imperium's vast communications network, making them a vital component to the affiliation in keeping its widely-scattered worlds connected; if it were not for them the Imperium would be unable to stand as a coherent entity. Because of their vast importance they are used for any activity that requires both communicatory utilization and coordination, whether it be from military or administrative issuance. They account for over 90% of the Imperium psykers.

Although a rarity within Man's empire, those who do succeed in climbing the ranks of their Adeptus Astra Telepathica are thereafter placed in charge of Astropathic facilities and choirs. Some can even become itinerant emissaries, becoming either officials of their Adeptus or servants of the Inquisition, Imperial Guard or Imperial Navy. They are also prized by the Rogue Traders as they are capable of not just sending messages over great distances but also of contacting Xenos; of those Astropaths who choose to serve with the Traders their responsibilities are even greater than their brethren as there are often no more than just a handful per fleet, possibly even only one per vessel.

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