Astrodactyl Using Energy whip
General Information
Homeworld Terradino
Habitat Lush Jungle
Body Type Humanoid Pterosaur
Locomotion Bipedal and Flight
Sapience Level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Ben 10 Universe

Astrodactyl's species is a species of humanoid pterosaurs from Terradino.

Appearance Edit

This species resembles a cross between a pterodactyl and a glider. They possess a beak-like mouth. Their wings are rather small and resemble a glider and are connected to jet pack-like structures on their back. They have large yellow beaks and yellow wings. Their wings are retractable.

Behavior Edit

Sometimes, when members of the species are excited, they squawk like parrots.

Powers/Abilities Edit

This species has the ability to fly using energy propulsion in their jetpack-like structures on their backs.

This species has some kind of internalized star power. They can use this power for propulsion flight and to create different forms of weapons.

Known weapons include energy whips and a propulsion effect. They can also project concussive stellar based energy breath beams.

Gallery Edit

Notes Edit

  • When asked to give this species a name, Derrick J. Wyatt came up with the term "Pturbosaurian".
  • According to Duncan Rouleau, the Omnitrix from the Ben 10 reboot contains DNA for this species. Therefore, Astrodactyl is one of the countless aliens whose DNA pod was glimpsed in the episode "Innervasion Part 5: High Override".
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