Wolf Spider
General Information
Other Names Aggressive Alien Species Beta
Body Type Arachnid
Locomotion Octopetal
Diet Carnivorous
Sapience Level Non-Sapient
Subspecies/Races Silver Spider

Giant Bau

Species Origin Mutated by Ravagers
Racial Abilities Shoots webbing
Status Common
Behind the Scenes
Universe Earth Defense Force

Assault Spiders, also known as Bau, or simply Spider, is a biomechanical arachnid created by the Ravagers alongside the Terror Ants as a means to invade planet Earth.

Biology Edit

Shock Troops Edit

Assault Spiders, much like the Terror Ants, are very similar in anatomy and physical appearance to that of the Jumping Spider, but drastically scaled up to monstrous, almost kaiju-size proportions. Their anatomy consists of eight legs, a single abdomen attached to the main body, and several forward-facing eyes with a set of mandibles.

Many of these troopers are very agile and fast, and like said Jumping Spiders are capable of shooting out webs at their targets. These webs however are highly acidic, similar to the spray used by Terror Ants, and can ensnare prey along with burning away armor used by human soldiers.

Kings Edit

King Assault Spider
Contrast to the Queens of Terror Ants, Assault Spiders follow under a powerful king, which while not as big as a Ant Queen still dwarfs many of the Shock Troops that serve him. Roughly fifty meters across, King Spiders are highly aggressive and naturally stronger in every way compared to the Shock Troops. They don't seem to serve as significant of importance to the Assault spider species as the queen ants do to Terror Ant colonies however.

Subspecies Edit

Giant Bau Edit


Considered by some as prototypes to the Assault Spiders, the Giant Bau is a larger version of the Assault Spider, but not as large as a King. These creatures are, ironically, the least dangerous form of Assault Spider as it can only shoot five time before it runs out of silk. Grant it, it has a much higher accuracy range.

They are also slower than other Assault Spiders, possibly due to amount of time it takes for said spiders to leap off the ground with enough force.

Silver Assault Spiders Edit

Silver Assault Spider

Silver Assault Spiders are a mutated variant to normal Assault spiders. Compared to the Golden Terror Ants, Silver Assault Spiders are particularly inversive: hardly much change to their attack power but a MAJOR increase in the creature's health.

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