General Information
Scientific name Aspirant
Other Names Black Celestials
Homeworld First Firmament
Habitat First Firmament
Body Type Humanoid
Height Variable
Length Variable
Weight Variable
Diet None
Lifespan Ageless
Sapience Level Sapient
Language Unknown
Subspecies/Races Celestials
Species Origin First Firmament
Status Extinct
Behind the Scenes
Universe Marvel Universe
Created by Al Ewing

The Aspirants are an ancient race and one of the first races from the First Firmament.

Biology Edit

The Aspirants resembled the Celestials, though unlike the Celestials that expressed their uniqueness in various forms of coloured armours, the Aspirants were uniformed coming in black and white armours.

History Edit

The Aspirants were the first creations of the metaphysical aspect known as the First Firmament or the first universe in creation. It created them out of loneliness and in return the Aspirants worshipped as a god.

However a group of rebels known as the Celestial who opposed the ideals of their creators idea of perfection believing in continuous evolution and change revolted, starting the Celestial War. The war ended when the Celestials detonated their weapons within the First Firmament, injuring it causing it to lose much of its essence. The essence coalesced into the first multiverse. In fear of losing itself, the First Firmament fled, taking it remaining Aspirants to the farthest reaches of the void.

After the Eight Iteration of the Multiverse was born, the First Firmament ensnared the personification of the multiverse, Eternity, and sent its agents to weaken Eternity so it may ingest and reabsorb him. Logos, the First Firmament's puppet, was aided by the Aspirants after the former had killed the Celestial Host.

The Eternity Squad along with the resurrected Celestials fought a battle to protect Eternity to save all creation.

Culture Edit

The Aspirants worshipped the First Firmament and followed its creed of it being perfect and that status quo of it being the only thing in existence was sacred.

Source Edit

  • Marvel Boy Vol 2 #5 (2000)
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