The Askhew were a race of short, furry humanoids native to the moon Entooine. They were known to have tamed the native quohrs, and used them to pull their sleds. They hunted the regular brown bantha of the planet for their meat and skins, but believed the blue banthas to be sacred. Shamans of their species would communicate with the blue banthas by approaching them with the lower leg bone of a brown bantha and asking questions. Though the blue bantha's could in fact speak, the Ashkew could not understand them and so interpreted simple answers by watching how the bantha's stomped their hoofs. During the Galactic Civil War, the Ashkew had to ask the help of the local Rebel base to deal with a problem they had. They informed A-3P0, the base's protocol droid, that a "roaring meteor" was frightening the bantha herds, forcing them to go further and further to hunt which threatened the Ashkew tribes with starvation. Additionally, the offworlders were attacking the sacred blue bantha's for their horns. Krelk, an Ashkew chieftain, accompanied a group of Rebels when they hunted down Jowart Typok. This solved the problem, as the group shot down Typoka's ship ending his hunts.

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