Alien Species

The Askajians were a humanoid race with deep familial traditions, the Askajians lived on the desert world of Askaj. As an evolutionary precaution against dehydration, the Asjakian body became extremely efficient at absorbing and storing water. Thus, a fully hydrated individual gave the appearance of being obese, but their body was filled with water instead of fatty cells. When full hydrated, an Askajian could survive for long periods in the open desert, returning in a thinned state after using up their stored supply of water. Upon consuming water once again, their bodies seem to inflate, hoarding the water for later use.

The females of the species each had six breasts, which were used to feed their offspring following the delivery of a litter of cubs. The cubs were not named until after their first birthday.

Many Askajians raised tomuons for their milk, meat, and wool. The Askajians were known for their luxurious fabric, woven from tomuon wool. Weavers and dancers were revered in Askajian society. Weavers bring income to the Askajian people, as tomuon fabrics fetch a high price throughout the galaxy. Dancers were important to the religious and historical aspects of their society, maintaining the tribal histories and legends.