Alien Species

The Ashtar are a rumored alien race that surfaced in the year 1977.


The Ashtar are well known by their famous hijacking of ITN news, as an alien calling itself "Vrillon" addressed the nation in 1977. The place was the southern United Kingdom, where people were peacefully listening to a prisoner of war broadcast when the reporter was cut off. The voice following was considered scary by many.

In the broadcast it said people all over the world are following their teachings. They also say first contact will be soon, so keep a watch as the white dots in the sky are their probes. After the broadcast many people became believers in the idea of the Ashtar race and some of these people created 'cults' that aimed at the destruction of "weapons of evil" (nuclear weapons).

Many people think it was a hoax. For instance, students messing with high frequency radio kits and voice changers can be blamed.


The name Ashtar also belonged to an alleged Venusian who allegedly made contact with George Van Hallen