General Information
Locomotion Bipedal
Diet Carnivore
Sapience Level Sapient
Behavior Various
Behind the Scenes
Universe SPORE Universe
Created by Maxis

The Ashonas are a species of bipedal carnivore that can be found within the SPORE Universe.

Appearance Edit

The Ashonas are a fairly lean species of carnivorous creature, their heads resembling a crocodilian. Their bodies are covered in scales like the prementioned reptile, but their bodily green scales give way to brownish scales towards the hands and feet. Their feet have four, forward facing claws, whereas their hands are shaped like talons. They also have various blue stripes along their bodies, a small set of curved horns just behind their jaws, and a flower-like protrusion on the head.

Behavior Edit

Primative, Non-Sapient Ashonas are carnivores by nature, but aren't entirely aggressive as other known carnivores, with some groups of Ashonas more curious and even peaceful creatures, whereas other groups are aggressive and hostile towards other animals.

Ashonas Civilian

An evolved Ashonas civilian.

It is unknown what causes this dramatic shift, but those that are more peaceful than aggressive had evolved into their own civilization. This species has enough intelligence to create empires, but not enough to travel to other planets however.

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