Before reading this page, to anyone who has seen the Valerian movie, the information in this article is from the mobile app "Valerian: The City of Alpha" released to promote the movie. This is to prove that the information in this article is actually canon and wasn't made up.

General Information
Body Type humanoid, insectoid mouth, multiple red hors
Height 2 meters
Locomotion bipedal
Lifespan 80 earth-years
Sapience Level sapient
Behavior honor-bound, intellectual
Status LC
Behind the Scenes
Universe Valerian and Laureline
Created by Luc Besson

Then Arysum-Kormn are a race of nomadic aliens who act with an honor-bound system in their society.

Standing two meters tall with an 80 earth-year lifespan, the Arysum-Kormn were the fourth alien species to board the Alpha space station. While they have a some-what threatening appearance, the Arysum-Kormn are mostly peaceful and spend their time travelling from planet to planet using an alien mineral mined from their home planet called Korbium which has similar properties to Dilithium i.e. acting as a power source for their ships. Their nomadic lifestyle has given the Arysum-Kormn a reputation of being the most-traveled species in the known universe. During their travels, the Arysum-Kormn develop an encyclopedic knowledge of the species and planets they encounter in the universe during their lifetime.

Ironically enough, the Arysum-Kormn act more belligerent than they really are and avoid any involvement in political scenarios as an attempt to prevent political fights between species. And even though the Arysum-Kormn are a peaceful race, they are expertly trained in hunting and live in an honor-bound society similar to the Yautja and the Vikings. They consider firearms as a dishonorable use of weaponry and have their society divided into "sklaans" - one of which called "the Preservers" are Arysum-Kormn given the responsibility of conserving endangered species they encounter in the universe.

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