Artificial Human
Artificial Human
General Information
Locomotion Bipedal
Sapience Level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Copperhead Universe

Artificial Humans or Arties are a race of genetically created beings, created by humanity during their wars with an alien race.

Biology Edit

The Arties are a cloned male species, possessing beige-tinged skin and bald scalps. Due to their purpose, the technology to treat their wounds never developed, as it would be more simple to put them down and clone a new Artie for the field.

History Edit

The Artificial Humans were used as shock troops by humanity in their war. After the war ended they were retired. Later a court case known as Agranoff v. Linder ruled that the Arties were granted rights as sentient beings.

Culture Edit

The Arties are aware that they were created for war, thus after the war ended, the Arties were released from the military, and mostly unable to assimilate into normal human society. They were viewed with suspicion and fear, due to their cold-heartless natures. Thus many found employment as bounty hunters or bodyguards. The Arties are also atheists, believing in no such religion or an afterlife.

Appearances Edit

  • Copperhead 001 (2014)
  • Copperhead 002 (2014)
  • Copperhead 003 (2014)
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