Artakha is a powerful being from the Bionicle Universe, and the "brother" of Karzahni, and the ruler of the island realm of Artakha.

Background Edit

Artakha as created alongside Karzahni by the Great Beings before the creation of Mata Nui’s spirit. The two brothers were given their own realms to govern by their creators. Artakha chose to make his realm a place where good and exception Matoran would work in peace. His realm would be akin to the Matoran version of Heaven. The two brothers would fight over the Mask of Creation, with Artakha becoming the victor.

Though a powerful being in the Matoran Universe, Artahka chose to live as an exile turnjng is talents into creating new technologies. These technologies would be supplied to organizations that preserved order in the Matoran Universe.

During the Reign of Shadows Artakha was contacted by an older entity of the Matoran Universe, Tren Krom Who had possessed Toa Lewa’s body. Knowing that Tren Krom was imprisoned by the Great Beings to ensure Mata Nui’s rule he did not fully trust him. However having Teridax ruling the universe was not an option and teleported Tren Krom to Metru Nui to do his task.

When several powerful entities began to fight over the decision to destroy the universe, Artakha emerged from his exile to berate them for fighting. Artakha then used his powers to restore Lew’s Mind to it’s proper place. He along with the other rebels were exiled outside the Matoran Universe into the void of space by Teridax. They were saved by the untimely intervention of Vexon who brought them before an imprisoned Great Being.

Abilities and Powers Edit

Artakha was a powerful entity who wielded the Mask of Creation, a artifact that allowed him craft any item using raw materials. He was capable of telepath and teleportation.

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