Darkstar One - Arrack face The Arrack are an alien race from the Space-Flight Simulator game, DarkStar One. They are an insectoid species, antlike in appearance, who are known for their strict bureaucratic society. The Arrack are easily the most annoying race in the game, due to their monotonous attitude and dedication to their bureaucratic regulations.

Darkstar One - Two Arrack

The Arrack society is as complex as an ant hive, with a set of rules for just about every decision. They won't even sell a crate of metal without having the customer filling out a series of forms and documents. If regulations are broken by an Arrack house, a period of shame is inflicted for a certain period.

Darkstar One - Arrack trade station

Arrack ships and stations generally have an insectoid design, including exoskeletal-like armor and multifaceted cockpit windshields. The inside of an Arrack station's lobby, docking bay or bar is built like a beehive, with garish yellow paint and honeycomb designs. The Arrack arm their ships with "Energy Spore Guns", which fire powerful pure energy blasts. They also have the ability to instantly warp their ships outside of their enemy's line of fire, giving the pilot a moment's reprieve to retaliate. These jumps are often a nuisance in a dogfight with Arrack hunters.

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