Alien Species

The Armored Mawdad is a centipede-like species that Captain Charlie had first found within PNF-404 during his expedition onto the planet.


Armored Mawdads are large predatory creatures that are covered in a crystalline armor, similar to creatures like the Calcified Crushblat. Its body is segmented like that of a centipede, with numerous sets of legs that allow it to move along walls and ceilings with little effort. Its body is covered in a skin-like texture similar to that of Water Dumples, with extensions of its armor being used as frontal pincers to better capture prey.

Armored Mawdad (no facial armor) P3 early.png

Looking into earlier generations of the Armored Mawdad reveal that they used to have much lighter skin, with its legs closer to the center of the body. Curiously, the pincers are much smaller than current specimens.


While it is previously thought to be primarily a carnivorous creature, it is revealed that it is more omnivorous in nature and will willingly eat anything capable of swallowing.

Life Cycle[]

While little is known about it's full life cycle, recent studies revealed that growing Armored Mawdads must smash open their armored shells in order to re-grow new ones. They do this by smashing against hard objects such as rocks and trees.