The Armalig is a creature native to Thra.

Biology Edit

Dark-green giant pill-bugs that are able to curl into spheres and roll over vast distances. The Skeksis use them to pull their carriages, inducing electric shocks to tame them.

Armaligs are slow when they walk, but phenomenally fast when they roll.

Appearances Edit

  • Tides of the Dark Crystal, by J.M. Lee (2018)
  • The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance
    • s01e01, "End. Begin. All the Same." (2019)
    • s01e02, "Nothing Is Simple Anymore" (2019)
    • s01e05, "She Knows All the Secrets" (2019)
    • s01e06, "By Gelfling Hand..." (2019)


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