Alien Species

The Arkonians are a race of sapient, spacefaring reptilianoid humanoids with scaly grey skin and no sweat glands. They are a short-tempered culture, and were engaged in conflict with Vulcans during the 22nd century. Nevertheless, first contact between this species and Humans, despite difficult at first, ended up being peaceful.


Arkonians don't drink water, and find it unpleasant. Instead, they keep hydrated by consuming a syrup-like brown liquid called tarratt-aash. They are capable of spitting a liquid which can heal injures quickly, which is an efficient survival mechanism. Despite being physically strong, their cellular structure is highly vulnerable to rapid temperature changes.


Arkonians first achieved warp technology in the 2050s, and made first contact with Vulcans soon afterwards, but the suspicious and deceitful (according to Vulcans) nature of the Arkonians caused the relationship between the two species to become unstable.


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