The Arkenites are a species of humanoids native to Arken II, the second planet of the Arken system.

By the 24th century, many Arkenites serve aboard Starfleet vessels mainly as geologists, physicists, and astronomers. Geology is a particular specialty given their intrinsic sensitivity to planetary magnetic fields and seismic waves. Few Arkenites have risen to command rank as most prefer advisory or subordinate roles within the command structure.

Arkenites are distinguished by their three cranial lobes, pointed ears, and solid green eyes that lack an iris. They have pale skin veering toward gray or very light tan.

At least one Arkenite has served in Starfleet as a communications officer at Starfleet Headquarters on Earth during the crisis created by the alien Whale probe.

Iliana Ghemor had a male and female Arkenite working for her aboard a Besinian freighter in 2376. She would later execute both of them before the USS Defiant caught up with the freighter. In 2379, an Arkenite served as a biologist aboard the USS Titan.

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