Alien Species

The Arkarians are a humanoid race native to the planet Arkaria. Their physically appearance is similar to that of Humans, with the exception of characteristic ridges on their foreheads. The Arkarian homeworld hosted the Remmler Array, which was controlled by Arkaria Base under the command of Starfleet.

By 2369, the Arkarians began to trend towards a more egalitarian society; Lieutenant Commander Data speculated that this was the reason many Arkarians began to do away with titles which suggested noble lineage.

Also that year, a group of rogue Arkarians cooperated with a terrorist group in a plot to steal trilithium resin from the warp core of the USS Enterprise-D, docked at the Remmler Array for a baryon sweep. Although they murdered Commander Calvin Hutchinson, the plan was ultimately thwarted by Captain Jean-Luc Picard and his senior staff.