The arions or marsh faries as the Lily People call them are a diminutive race of humanoids from Marcus Malone's Firefall.

Biology Edit

They resemble humans possessing all their physical features save that they stand about 6 inches in height.

History Edit

They were the third race that lived on an unnamed world with the willots and the people. The arions never participated in the great wars between the willots and humans that devastated the planet. After the third great war the arions existence became publicly known to the rest of the world. One arion, Montigue, became integral in discovering the survival of the willot race and being a witness to the treaty between the willots and the Lily People.

After the treaty was sign and newd of the willots survival was brought back, thanks to the efforts of Hur and Montigue. A contingent of arions air corpsmen in conjunction with the authorities arrived to create a beachhead to reclaim the Tower from the Tower People.

Culture Edit

Before the great wars the arions numbers were few and lived in the remote reaches of the swamps. Back then, their existence was only myth and legend. Modern day arions however have integrated well with the people of their world, becoming officers of the law and members of the flying corps. 

Source Edit

  • Firefall by Marcus Malone (2011)
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