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Argonians, or Saxhleel people, are a reptilian race of humanoids native to Black Marsh.The Argonians are experts in combat as a result of often protecting their borders from invading conquers. Argonians are well suited to their homeland adapting to its marshes able to breath in water and natural resistance to both poisons and diseases. While considered to be reptilian it is these adaptations that could also categorize them as being an amphibian race.

Relationship with other races[]

Argonians are viewed as a beastfolk while humanoid they are not always treated equally.Before the late third era Argonians (along with khajiit) were commonly enslaved by the Dunmer people whose homeland bordered thiers used mostly for heavy labor and saltrice plantation work. In the late thrid era slavery was abolished by the the Dunmer King Helseth of Morrowind freeing the remain argonian slaves. However the resentment they held towards the Dunmer people for their many centeries of enslavement was a leading cause of their invasion of morrowind following the events of the Red Year. No longer slaves, the Argonians of the fourth era are still treated poorly noticibly in Skyrim where many of the native Nords will express open dislike of them, some beliving that an argonians labor is worth farless the that of a Nord worker paying them less for their work than is fair. For the most part the Argonians do little about the mistreatment aside from the occasional complaint among their own kind or friends.


Argonian personalities are not easily recognised by human and mer races resulting from their different facial features and expresions only anger is clearly percived, with bared teeth (or fangs) and narrowed eyes.

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