The Ardusians are an alien species native to the planet Ardus in Faster Than Light.

Biology[edit | edit source]

The Ardusian are an aquatic species, resemble twenty meter long eel-like creature with forearms.

History[edit | edit source]

The Ardusians earliest forays into space required them to create vessels to contain air and use environment suits containing water.

A hundred years ago the Ardusians maintained a small outpost on the planet Earth in the sea of Japan.

The Ardusians were visted by The Discovery. Initial contact went well, and the Ardusians were aware of the Outsiders and humanity's mission. However they refused to give them weapons, as they studied humanity's warlike history. They were wary that the humans could potentially use their technology against them.

The Ardusians gave humanity several new medical advances and some hydrodynamic-power creation methods.

However several Ardusian ships arrived in pursuit of the The Discovery shortly after it left Ardus. The Ardusians demanded that the humans return their military plans that they took. Captain Forest was unable to understand as he did not authorize and strictly forbade such actions from the crew to steal the Ardusians' technology.

Having no offensive weapons, The Discovery surrendered to the Ardusians and retrieved the data within the ships' database. The Ardusians rebuffed the crew of The Discovery attempts to communicate so they could uncover the real perpetrator and clear Captain Forest's name who was charged with insubordination by the UN Council for ironically failing to follow orders in stealing the military plans.

The Ardusian leader calmed down an met with the acting captain, Angela Grissom to uncover this conspiracy. Angela learned that the device used to transmit the data to The Discovery was a hybrid of human an Aurelian technology. The crew worked together and identified that it was one of the UN Council members that guilty of using alien technology for her own gain.

Culture[edit | edit source]

A hundred years ago Ardusians were not as enlightened as they are currently. They viewed land animals to be interesting and had little regard for them. Currently most Ardusians believe in the nobility of all species whether they breathe air or nothing at all. They possess relatons with dozens of other species. However the Ardusians never interfere with a non-space-faring society.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

  • Faster Than Light Issue 006 (2016)
  • Faster Than Light Issue 007 (2016)
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