The Ardent Mages are a human society of quasi-sorcerers from Auriga.

History Edit

After a long history of slaughter and starvation, the people that would become the Ardent Mages discovered Dust and learned to harness Dust magic, tapping into their agony, and rage.

Culture Edit

The Ardent Mages are a human society that have mastered the use of Dust, augmenting their minds and abilities. The primary power these sorcerers derive from is their anger.

The outward appearance other races see them as, a race of stoics. Though this stoicism serves and reflects their society. In order to manipulate the Dust abilities to their fullest, an Ardent Mage must dissociate their mind from their body. Thus elaborate pain rituals have been developed to test themselves and to withstand the their physical discomfort. The more pain they can endure, deeper their relationship with Dust becomes. To them pain is a fundamental element of their society, to the point where children are taught from a young age to withstand it.

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