The Archons are an ancient and hostile race which lived in an era prior to the formation of the galaxies. They were one of the species fought and defeated by the ancient Time Lords. The last members of the race resided in the Nameless City of black glass, in a world on the edge of the Milky Way, protected by artificial beings resembling one-eyed, six-limbed robot apes, also made out of black glass.

The Archons themselves resemble an amalgam of several marine creatures, with tentacles covered in barbed suckers, crab-like chelae, white flesh and green blood; although their appearance is usually concealed by the long robes they wear. They claim that they have created the first seeds which would be used by the old Time Lords to cultivate their TARDISes. Being descended from deep ocean creatures which communicated by sonar, the Archons are easily disorientated by loud noises.


  • The Nameless City, by Michael Scott (2013)
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